Saturday, 18 August 2012

He's Off Again

Saturday started at a fairly leisurely rate but I was out of the door with T&M by nine thirty. I did say my goodbyes to TP before I left as he would be collected by his mum for a trip to his Grandma's before I would be back.

 Once back from the walk it was time to hitch the trailer to the Defender and make our way over to Dave the Stripper to pick up the book cases. He has done a super job and they are a perfect match for the ones we already have. While we were there 30% took a liking to mahogany, eight day, wall clock and I have to say that it would look lovely in the Dining Room but we have been on a bit of a spending spree recently and it can stay on Dave's wall unless the September windfall actually happens.*

 Once back home it was time for lunch followed by a huge amount of furniture rearrangement ...

... the running order went something like this ...
  • TP's current bed was dismantled and reassembled in the spare bedroom
  • TP's new bed was unpacked and assembled in his bedroom
  • The smaller of the original bookcases was carried from the Study and installed in TP's bedroom
  • The larger of the new bookcases was installed in the Study
  • The smaller of the new bookcases was installed in the spare bedroom
  • The exercise bike that 30% has never gone beyond looking at was removed to the front cellar
 This abbreviated list makes light of the fact that it was a very warm and very humid day and the peripheral activities and necessary trips up and down the stairs left 30% and I exhausted by supper time.

We managed a couple of movies and a compulsory episode of Family Guy before retiring to bed in a house that now almost  has a completed upstairs.
* see here for origins

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